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Last year a Lithuanian firefighter, Aidas Ardzijauskas, completed a 45 day run around the Baltic Sea through the territory of nine European countries, overcoming 1 865 miles. Now he is challenging human capabilities one more time – he is ready to run from Los Angeles to New York.

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As we wrote earlier, the Lithuanian Post has issued two stamps to commemorate the Winter Olympic Games commencing on February 7 in Sochi (Russia). The stamps feature bobsleigh and ice-hockey. The stamps dedicated to the Sochi Olympic Games have been created by the artist Irma Balakauskaitė, who won the tender.

But are those stamps original or just copies of the real pictures made by somebody else? As website www.dizainologija.lt published, the bobsleigh stamp has striking similarities with the picture made by the Italian sports photographer Tony Gentile. The picture was made for "Reuters". It looks like the Lithuanian Post issued a special stamp for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, featuring the British bobsleigh team. Hmmm? Not mentioning the fact, that, according to www.dizainologija.lt, it might have been done without the photographer's permission.

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