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The recent Russian military aggression against Ukraine has caused substantial concern not only in the Baltic states, but in other EU and NATO countries as well. One source of concern comes not from traditional military threats as such, but instead from a much talked-about but less well-known phenomenon –Russian non-military influence and “soft power” in the Baltic states.

Lithuanian ambassador to the U.S. Žygimantas Pavilionis spoke with NPR's All Things Considered guest host Melissa Block on March 5th about how Baltic states are growing increasingly nervous as they watch Russia's aggressive actions in nearby Ukraine. Pavilionis reflected on the implications of recent events to the whole international system, noting that the international community must stop Russian aggression.

The Russian parliament approved Saturday president Putin’s request to use a military force to "defend" Russia’s interests in Crimea, Ukraine.

Remember what happened to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia in 1940?  Now exactly the same is happening with Ukraine. Who told that history can't repeat itself? Same Russian scenario is not changing for decades. And why should they change or adapt it if it works just fine? No reaction from the West every time, except expressing the "deep concerns".

Don't be indifferent this time. Please, react. It is time to stop the Kremlin hegemony.

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