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Often, the moment never finds you. And sometimes, you never find your moment. We had that bronze medal in front of us at the Basketball World Cup on Sept 13, but could not keep France from coming behind in the final quarter to beat us 95-93.

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“Seni krienai” (Old horseradishes) from Texas bagged the trophy at The 11th Lithuanian Embassy Basketball Tournament, Saturday, June 7th, after clinching a 66-65 victory against last year’s winner “Gelezinis Vilkas” (Iron Wolf) from New York.

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Saturday, 01 February 2014 20:04

David Stern retires, Lithuania remembers

As David Stern retires after 30 years of NBA commissioner, it’s worth recalling his contribution to Lithuanian basketball.

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I’ve always been a little cautious of proclaiming anything "the greatest”, but no doubt that the documentary movie “The Other Dream Team” has indeed become one the greatest Lithuania’s marketing campaigns in the US.

With a large number of shows ran across the country and positive reviews published worldwide, “The Other Dream Team” managed to hit on some universal truth that will be remembered for years to come by everyone who watched the movie and loves basketball.

“The Other Dream Team” won viewers’ admiration for a hart-breaking underdog story, good directing and the Lithuanian national basketball team’s unusual connection with the Grateful Dead.

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