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Fact Sheet highlights ongoing cooperation between the United States and Lithuania

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Fact Sheet highlights ongoing cooperation between the United States and Lithuania http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/09/03/fact-sheet-united-states-and-lithuania-nato-allies-and-global-partners

During the U.S. President Obama’s visit to Estonia earlier this week where he met leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia ahead of the NATO summit in Wales, the White House posted on its site a document, once again underscoring the close ties that the United States has with each of the Baltic States.

The document, entitled “FACT SHEET: The United States and Lithuania - NATO Allies and Global Partners”, summarizes ongoing cooperation in areas of defense, diplomacy, economic, energy, and culture.

Below are some excerpts from the Fact Sheet:


  • Operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE:  In light of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the United States is demonstrating its continued commitment to collective security through a series of actions designed to reassure NATO Allies and partners of America's dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region.  As a first response to demonstrate our commitment to the defense of our Allies, the U.S. augmented its participation in Baltic Air Policing by sending an additional six F-15s to the NATO mission.  Under operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE, U.S. Army Europe forces have deployed to Lithuania, along with other Allies in the region, to conduct land forces training.  U.S. and Lithuanian troops participate in a range of other joint and multilateral exercises, including SABER STRIKE, BALTOPS, and STEADFAST JAZZ.  Lithuanian soldiers and defense personnel also receive technical training and strategic education in the United States.
  • NATO Allies:  As NATO Allies, the United States and Lithuania are committed to each other’s security and stand together in critical crisis areas worldwide.  Lithuania has made valuable contributions to NATO operations since 1994, ten years before it became a member of NATO.  Additionally, Vilnius hosts the NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence, which advises NATO on all aspects of energy security.  Lithuania has also hosted the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission at its airbase in Siauliai since 2004.
  • Eastern Partnership:  Lithuania has consistently placed the Eastern Partnership among its top foreign policy priorities, including during its 2013 EU Presidency, when it hosted the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.  Lithuania has been a strong supporter of Ukraine’s new government and among the most vocal in pressing for a strong response to Russia’s illegal actions in Ukraine.  Lithuania and the United States support the Belarusian European Humanities University, which has been based in Vilnius since it was expelled from Minsk in 2004.
  • Energy Security:  Lithuania is rapidly moving to reduce energy dependence on a single supplier.  Its energy strategy aims to increase both energy efficiency and energy diversification through the development of nuclear, LNG, renewable, and unconventional energy.  Lithuania is also working to promote competition, interconnection, and investment in the local and EU energy markets.  This winter, Lithuania will inaugurate a new LNG import terminal at the port of Klaipeda.  In 2015, electricity connections with Poland and Sweden are scheduled to come online.  We are also working closely with Lithuania to share best practices in the sustainable development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.  Together, these projects will greatly enhance Lithuania’s energy security.
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